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Product Demo: Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun

Product Demo: Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun

How low is the overspray using the Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun?

We here at conducted a test to show our customers just how low the overspray can be with this gun.

Metal can Masked off We started off with a new metal 5 gallon paint can.
Next, we masked off about a 6 inch area with 2 inch brown masking tape on each side.

Sprayed Masked off areaWe then sprayed the middle area between the two strips of tape.
We had the fan set to horizontal, with a tight pattern.

Removed tape After spraying the masked off section, we removed the masking tape.

No overspray

Picture to the right is a close up of the sprayed area after removing the masking tape. As the pictures show, you cannot see any noticeable overspray!

And this is with only using 2 inch masking tape with no other shield!

(Normally, if you were masking something off for spraying, you would want to use some masking tape and some 12 inch masking paper or plastic. The use of only 2 inch tape was to illustrate how low of an overspray this gun has.)

Details of the test:
  • Compressor: 4hp 25gl Craftsman with 50’ hose w/ 40 PSI at the compressor gauge and 19 PSI at the gun gauge
  • Paint Sprayed: Coronado Latex Rust Scat 90-1 Semi-Gloss (Water Based) Thinned approximately 8%. (We thinned just a tad for super low overspray)
  • Gun:Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun “Soft Spray“ (with standard projector from the factory installed)

For more information see: Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun.

Product Demo: Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun

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