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507 HVLP Conversion (Gravity Feed) Gun - click to enlarge

507 HVLP Conversion (Gravity Feed) Gun

507Regular Price: $147.00SPECIAL: $39.00
Accessories:  Quantity:

***Optional Kit - Includes gun pressure regulator and custom stand!! (not pictured- highly recommended)

High Volume Low Pressure gravity feed spray gun, model #507 Manufactured by Ningbo Industrial

  • Quality built gunHVLP Tools
  • 6.24” Max pattern width
  • Gun wrench
  • Cup filter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Nylon material cup w/lid
  • Stainless Steel needle and fluid tip
  • 1.3mm projector set
  • Operating pressure 15-50 psi
    Recommend psi is 43#
  • Air consumption 7.5 cfm at 43#
  • This gun normally sells for $145.00
    Please note that is the normal discount price you would expect to pay, not a inflated retail price!

From the Manufacturer:
High Volume Low Pressure gravity feed spray gun features high atomization with a low air pressure, saves paint and protects the environment. Better than 75% transfer efficiency means reduced spray mist, resulting in a significant reduction of operating cost. Stainless steel needle and fluid tip allow use with water based paints.

Editor’s input
We purchased these guns on an overstock special, and are passing the saving on to our cutomers. They are mainly sold for automotive use. Some of the quotes I have read about this gun are “Applies all automotive paints and wood finishes for a near class A finish”. And from our test we would agree. The manufacture notes that the “gun comes with a stainless steel needle and fluid nozzle which allows use with water based paints”. This basically means it will not rust. This does not mean this gun the gun is made for thick latex paints. In our test the gun could spray latex semi-gloss, and gloss paints; however the latex paint had to be thinned about 20% to spray properly. The gun is really better suited for spraying car paints like urethanes and such. The 507 HVLP gun also did well spaying some quick dry alkyds in our test. The quick dry alkyd was thinned about 10% to get a smooth spray pattern.

Now we get many emails asking which gun is better; the 507 gun, or the Wagner HVLP conversion gun we sell and like so much. So lets go over a quick comparison of the two.
  • 507 Gravity feed cup.
  • Wagner NB ( HVLP Conversion Gun) Pressure feed.

    We personally like the pressure feed better for most spray jobs. A pressure gun pressurizes the cup therefore pushing the paint up to the nozzle. This is one reason why the Wagner gun can handle the thicker paints much better. But I can see were the gravity would be better for spraying automotive paints, since the automotive is so expensive. The gravity feed would pull every ounce out of the cup; whereas the pressure feed will leave about an ounce or two inside the cup. Another reason is due to top heavy feel that the gravity cup will gives you. Lastly a pressure feed gives you the ability to use are pressure pot or remote cup with the gun.

    507 Adjustable fan width The spray pattern is adjustable from about a 2 inch pattern, up to a fan of 6.2 inches.

    Wagner NB has three patterns (round, vertical, horizontal) and each are adjustable. From 1” up to a 11”, and has.

    Anyway,, if the price was the same we would say go for the Wagner gun, especially for woodworking jobs. But due to this special buy out, the price is not the same. We are actually selling these 507 guns under dealer cost. So maybe let the money factor make your decision. Than again for spraying cars and car spoilers etc. there is still some advantages to the gravity gun.

    Compressor notes:
    The manual says 1 hp or bigger. We would feel better recommending at least a 2hp. In our test at the shop used a 4hp 25 gallon Craftsman, and a 3hp 4gallon Porter Cable model. Both would good results. One thing to note is you need to cut your compressor up to about 55-65 psi to compensate for the line drop to the gun.

    Also please note:
    You can not fill a gravity feed gun like you can the pressure feed Wagner gun. We recommend you get a optional gun holder. It will hold the gun upright so you can pour the paint into the gravity feed cup. Or if you wanted to go el-cheepo, a nail trough a 6”x6” board could act as a holder.

    -----end Editor's input

    painting boat with hvlp gun Click this link for a customer's review of this gun.

  • 507 HVLP Conversion (Gravity Feed) Gun

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