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2.5 Gallon HVLP Pressure Pot Review - click to enlarge

2.5 Gallon HVLP Pressure Pot Review

Hear is a email we got from a customer after using our 2.5 Gallon HVLP pressure pot system:


I want you to know just how excited we are about this 501 pressure pot and the Wagner HVLP conversion Gun. We have been using an automotive sprayer for the past year with tons of overspray in our noses, on the walls, all over our tools, in our hair and everything else in our shop. We manufacture toys products and have been led to believe the general purpose sprayer was the only way to get a glossy finish. I was seriously in doubt about spending 350 dollars on a pot sprayer and a gun that supposedly sprayed virtually no over spray but put out lots of paint volume since we go through sprayers like strainers. We go through a gun about every 2 months due to the heavy use we put them through and due to the fact that we have not been able to find a decent gun that is built for continued use.

Upon getting our order from you that I reluctantly made from the peer pressure of my employees we were first impressed by the quality of the product when we opened it. We then found that ups had damaged the shipment during shipment and after contacting you that same hour, you immediately sent us a new pot that same day. No arguing, no hassles. Your service was very impressive. We received our new replacement and put it to use immediately. The shop fell silent as they watched the first coat of spray. No overspray! We were able to adjust the spray all the way down to 3psi and still have a wide pattern with extreme coverage as if we did it with a roller. Everyone wanted a shot at it and it went through the trials with absolute perfection. We were able to spray the edges of a 3/4" piece of wood with virtually no overspray as well as surfaces with an 8 to 10 inch pattern.

We have never purchased a HVLP gun before due to the fact that even though everyone said they were good, every gun we could find in our local market including Lowes, Home depot, sears, and several paint stores had only 2 versions of HVLP guns. Both of which were plastic, light and very expensive but extremely cheap in construction.

Your gun that came with the pot is solid aluminum with a very comfortable rubber hand grip. this gun has not been available at least in this community. I am weary of purchasing over the internet, because I cannot see the products clearly or handle them. You have laid me at ease with purchasing from Gleem Paint. Your products are of the highest quality and your service impeccable.

Thank you for providing such superior service and product, for as it is slowly proving, most vendors are selling cheaper and cheaper products at greater prices. You are offering quality products at impressive rates. Thank you for doing so!

From the boys in the Mysli Corp Shop,

Frank M. Founder/CEO Mysli Corp

Link to the 2.5 Gallon HVLP pressure pot system.

2.5 Gallon HVLP Pressure Pot Review

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