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HVLP Gun (Dual Usage Turbine/Compressor) New


No longer Available

Wagner - Spraytech
New w/ 1 year warranty.
For use with either a Compressor or a Turbine.

(Does not come with compressor nor turbine :)

Need an extra gun for your turbine? This is the best deal for a new one. This is the same HIGH quality all non corrosive metal NBC gun that is sold with all CS5000-8000-9000, 2600-2900 units.
Gun offers a choice of three spray patterns: horizontal flat, vertical flat, and round. Simple rotate the the 2 air cap ears untill they click into the desired position. You can also adjust the pattern size.
For use with a Turbine, or a Compressor.
This is actually the same conversion gun we sell, with 2 extra parts to make it work with a Turbine.
I know for sure it will work with these turbines.
Spraytech's & Wagner's--
CS 5000-8000-9000
CS 5100-8100-9100
Colt, Bear (The old Big units)
Should work with others as long as the quick connects are the same.
You could also put back on the low cfm cap, and air gauge and use it with your compressor. Would only take about 1 min to change out.

Hear is what it comes with.
  • 1 HVLP Conversion Gun 0276124
  • 1 DISCONNECT,MALE QUICK 0275481 (For use with turbine hose)
  • 1 AIR CAP #3 MACH, 1.3MM GUIDED 0276452 (Change to this air cap for use with Turbine, conversion gun comes with #3 low cfm cap.)

HVLP Gun (Dual Usage Turbine/Compressor) New

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