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How to Use a Paintbrush Like a Professional Painter

by Dene Alston

So how do the pros paint in a straight line... and cut-in around doors, windows, and cabinetry with no tape?

Does it take years of practice? Can a normal homeowner learn these tricks of the trade?

Well first off, a skilled professional paint job can really make a huge difference to the look and feel of any space. It also goes a long way toward raising the perception and value of a property. But highly skilled, trusted painters or contractors are hard to find and can be quite expensive. So how can you get that crisp, clean professional look without all the expense?

If you learn how to use a paintbrush like a pro and can duplicate those sharp edges, you will be way ahead of the game.

The brush work, though, is not the biggest factor in producing a quality paint job. To find out what is, see our article:
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While brushing may not be number one, it is arguably the number two factor in producing a professional job. Have you ever seen someone's homemade paint job and noticed the wavy cut-in line between the wall and ceiling? Or have you seen their wall paint getting over on the trim or, vice-versa, the trim paint on the wall? It looks tacky and takes away from the finished product. It looks amateur. We obviously don't want that.

So let's learn how to prevent it.

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How to Use a Paintbrush Like a Professional Painter

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