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Titan S-5 Gun, Stainless Steel, 2-Finger,  (w/517 tip) - click to enlarge

Titan S-5 Gun, Stainless Steel, 2-Finger, (w/517 tip)

550-100Regular Price: $265.00SPECIAL: $179.90Add-On: 

This airless gun is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
Please see our line of Airless Spray Guns In Stock.

  • Titan S-5 (NorSpray) Airless Spray Gun
  • 2 finger trigger
  • Stainless Steel, Front Feed Gun!
  • Includes Tip Base/Guard and a 517 Reversible Tip
  • 7/8” G thread Diffuser
  • Right and left hand trigger lock for convenience
  • 5000 PSI maximum fluid pressure

From Titan:
5000 PSI front feed airless gun ideal for heavier coatings. The fluid passages are stainless steel and the gun is available with a "G" thread diffuser so it will work with all major tips and bases.

Gleem’s input:
While the S-5 Norspray gun could potentially spray any coating, it primarily is used for heavier coatings like block filler and such. The front feed design keeps the nasty fillers in block filler from passing through critical wear parts inside the gun, therefore helping it last longer than say using a LX-80 or G10XL gun for shooting block filler (not that you can not spray block filler with a LX-80, you just need to pull the filter out of the gun handle). This brings up an important point. This S-5 Norspray has no inline-filter (all paint manufactures of block fillers usually recommend to pull any gun filters out). A common question we get on spraying block filler with no filter: F.A.Q.: Why doesn’t the tip clog up constantly when spraying block-fillers with no filter?
Answer: Simple reason is the tips used to spray block fillers are so large that there is little chance of clogging them (tip sizes for block fillers usually range from a .025” to .030” )

The lack of a in-line filter means the S-5 will not be an ideal gun for spraying with small airless tips (less than .021"), since you will end up with a large amount of tip clogs.

Note this spray gun does not come with reversible spray tip. Only the red tip guard/base is included. If you need to purchase any tips; the included red tip base/guard will accept the Wagner Trade tip, Titan SC-6 & RC tips, ASP double shot tips, and even a Graco RAC 5 tip.

This gun does not use any filters.

Titan S-5 Gun, Stainless Steel, 2-Finger, (w/517 tip)

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