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Wagner Fine Spray 2400 HVLP  -- Discontinued - click to enlarge

Wagner Fine Spray 2400 HVLP -- Discontinued


This sprayer is SOLD OUT.
Please see our full line of HVLP Paint Sprayers In Stock.

Complete ready to spray, HVLP Low Overspray System! No compressor needed!
New with one year factory warranty.
This unit is intended for home use. Therefore the one year warranty applies for home use only, commercial use has a 30 day warranty.
Adjustable Pattern Size
Details :
  • 1 qrt metal cup for smaller fine finish applications
  • Large 1.5 qrt cup for larger projects
  • Adjustable pattern size
  • Viscosity cup
  • Large diameter hose and spray gun air passages increase system efficiency for a great finish
  • Air delivery hose is light weight and flexible
  • Hand tight connections simply assembly and clean up. No special tools required.
  • Three position adjustable spray pattern: Horizontal fan, Vertical fan, and Round pattern3 Pattern Sizes
  • Set-up in less than 5 minutes Fine Spray Setup
    1: Pour paint into the cup. 2: Measure viscosity of material and thin if required. 3: Attach Air hose. 4: Test the sprayer on wood or cardboard before spraying surface to be finished.
  • Clean-up in less than 5 minutes
    Fine Spray Clean-up
    1: Empty the cup into the original container. 2: Disassemble gun and wash all parts until clean.
Technical Data:
  • Cups: 1 quart Metal and 1.5 quart Plastic
  • Hose Length: 20 ft.
  • Power (Electric): Regular household 120 Volt, 60 hz
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs (packaged weight is 10.3 lbs)
Sprays :
  • Enamels Spraying buggy LacquersSpraying Cabinets

  • Stains Spraying Deck Sealers Spraying Chair

  • Varnishes
  • Shellacs
  • Oils
  • Urethanes
Packaged image
F.A.Q.: Which is better the 2400 FineSpray or the FineCoat?
Without any question the FineCoat is a better rig; we feel so and every customer we have sold both rigs to feels so.

Hears a few reasons why:
  • FineSpray: Plastic Needle and Nozzle (Which CAN NOT be replaced, and wear out within 4-10 gallons since they are plastic. Once these parts wear you have to buy a whole new gun.)
  • FineCoat: Brass Needle and Nozzle (Replaceable if needed, however outlast the plastics around 40 to 1 so rarely needed)

  • FineSpray: Non replaceable/reparable packing (when this part wears, you have to replace the gun)
  • FineCoat: Replaceable packing

  • FineSpray: 3 PSI / 47 CFM
  • FineCoat: 4 PSI / 47 CFM (33% More PSI)
Only things we actually like better on the 2400 FineSpray is the hose quality and the slightly more compact size. Otherwise it shows that the newest tool is not always the better tool. Our recommendation is to go with the Finecoat, you can find it at this link:
Recommended: Wagner FineCoat HVLP

Wagner Fine Spray 2400 HVLP -- Discontinued

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