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Universal Reversible Tip (Double Shot- 2 tips in one)

Universal Reversible Tip (Double Shot- 2 tips in one)

Tip Size: 

This tip is SOLD OUT.
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Will Fit SprayTech Tip Base
F.A.Q. on these tips:

Q: Will these tips fit the XXX airless paint sprayer on your web page?
A: Yes, these Double Shot tips will fit the tip base on all the airless sprayers we sell. However Note: You can not put a bigger tip (.0XX") size than the max tip rating for any given pump. For more info on tip numbers, click this link for our guide on tip sizes Understanding Airless Spray Tip Sizes

Double Shot Airless Reversible Tip

  • The two tips per barrel gives you twice the life of normal single shot tips.
  • Micro grain carbide ensures consistent fan pattern and longer tip wear
  • Interchangeable with all major brands*
  • Super Low Gleem Discount Price!

* Note on "Interchangeable with all major brands" These brands would include: Wagner, SprayTech, Amspray, Airlessco, Krebs and Graco. For all the other brands, like Titan or Campbell-Hausfeld you might need to get a new tip base/guard to use these tips. (Tip guards/bases are available at this link: Reversible Tip Bases )

How does the "Double Shot" part work?
Spacer In place

With the spacer in place (as supplied) the #1 orifice will be in the active spraying position.

Spacer Out

When the #1 orifice becomes worn, simply remove the spacer from the Double shot tip. Then the #2, unused, orifice will move into the active spraying position.

Gleem's Comments

So are these tips a good choice value?
Well first lets talk about quality.
The manufacture claims these are just as good as SprayTech and other brand name tips. And we have heard noting from the field that would prove otherwise.

Now lets talk about $value.
These double shot tips normally sell for a everyday street price of $29.99 (that is not an inflated list price). Which if you look at this way $29.99/2=$14.99; so that is like paying only $14.99 per tip. But hear is the problem with this type tip value figures. Say you buy your painting crew these double shot tips. Later your guy is on the job spraying with it and around 25 gallons down the road the painter has trouble with something. (could be a clogged filer, trash in paint, etc., basically nothing to do with the tip) So he thinks, "tips worn out" and proceeds to take the spacer out and use the next tip. So instead of getting 2 tips in one, you at best got 1.5 tips in one. This would less likely be the case with a homeowner or a single man painting operation, but none the less something to consider. That would equate to $29.99/1.5= $19.99 per tip, which at that price you could buy a known brand name (and trusted top quality) SprayTech XL-1 tip . (or even less money at Gleem's 2 or more price)
For that reason alone is why these tips are not doing so well on the market. So why sell them on your site you ask?
Simple, we are not asking $29.99 per tip.

Even at our one each price of $19.99, and taking the lower 1.5 divider figure. $19.99/1.5=$13.32 (and price is even cheaper at our quantity prices, or better if you fully use the full life of each tip.) So therefore they make a good value. Which if you are wondering how log tips should last, every 50 gallons airless tips on average wear out .002". So therefore you should expect to replace a tip at around 50-70 gallons.

So in short, (in case you did not read all the above) these double shot tips make a good value only because we are selling them for the same price as single shots. Otherwise if you are asked to pay $29.99 or more, they are not that good of a deal.

Universal Reversible Tip (Double Shot- 2 tips in one)

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