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Customer Feedback - Ratings


Merchant Reviews

( 1 to 5 Star Rating System )

Top Rated 5-Star Overall User Rating of; averaged rating from over 1,700+ buyers.

Here are a few of the customer feedback/ratings and emails we have received from our valued customers.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Steven from DeBary, FL
I have placed five orders in the past 3 months with Gleem. The online product description and helpful information has been great. Each order was processed and shipped immediately. Pricing is very competitive too. I recommend them as an online merchant.

-------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Matthew of Lake Oswego, OR
Absolutely perfect. They run a very informative and easy to use website. Their prices are certainly competitive and they shipped my sprayer immediately. You cannot ask any more of an on-line merchant. Great job!

-----------------------------------------------------Reviewer Tom from Clermont, FL
Extremely fast delivery!

--------------------------------------------------- From: Robert of Orlando FL
Gleem Paint has continued their EXCELLENT customer service. I am a repeat customer because of the high satisfaction I received from my earlier transactions. I would recommend Gleem to all with whom I have contact and will certainly return in the future.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Melvin of Lake Phoenix AZ
The fellows at GleemPaint answered several questions that I posed them, and came back with answers that were quick, concise, and right on! They knew what they were talking about, and I appreciate their help. I have several more parts to buy for some older spray pumps, and they are the ONLY place that I will go to. I recommend them highly. I wish that they were in my home town to deal face to face with! If you need parts, advice, or just a question answered, this is the place to go. A five star, if there ever was one.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer Dwayne from Frankston, TX
They answered all my questions and advised me in what sprayer I needed for my job.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer Nigel from Overseas
The help that i got prior to the purchase was excellent and from purchase to delivery was second to none, i will strongly recommend this firm to anybody.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Willaim from Miamisburg, OH
Good prices and fast service.thanks.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Fletcher from Charlotte NC
Very good service.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Mike from TX
I am very pleased with the service and product.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Mark from Canton, GA
Ordered paint sprayer special. Vendor provided excellent info and suggested supplies and upgraded nozzle to allow me to start my job quickly. Items shipped promptly and were as specified. No problems at all...

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Loren from Lehigh Acres, FL

Shipped promptly, was at my door before I expected it.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: John from Tustin, CA
No hassle. Simple transaction type business. Product was delivered/worked as described. Pricing better than most other websites. Fast shipping.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: James from Elizabeth, PA
Easy use of website and prompt service. Excellent!

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Rob from Herndon, VA
2nd time that Ive ordered from GleemPaint. Customer Service is very responsive to questions, ordering and delivery has been excellent both times.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Johnnie from Stockton CA
I will not hesitate to do business with Gleempaint in the future. They have the best painters pants Ive ever found @ a good price if you order 2 or more.

The equipment arrived as expected, and i used it to paint my fence perfectly. I even advertise for them buy wearing their T-shirt, cause they deserve it with such good service, &, I was able to track the order right to my front door.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: James from Elizabeth City, NC
Gleem Paint is one of the easiest and most professional companies I have dealt with ever. They have not lost the small store individual customer service, value and ethics that built America..

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Warren from Chesapeake, VA
Great product at a great price. The sprayer works great. Couldn't find a better price anywhere. From the day of the transaction to the day it was delivered was 4 days. I couldn't ask for anything more. I look forward to future business. Thanks!

---------------------------------------------------Email From Customer:

I recently purchased a Wagner Paint Crew paint sprayer at a local store here in Southern California. It was a heaven sent when it came to painting my patio. When I was cleaning my machine I removed the inlet valve and when I was tring to take it apart, which doesn't come apart, and I broke it. This coming weekend I plan to do some more painting and took to the local stores, which did not carry the part. I went online and found your store which not only had the part but, had reasonable prices. When usually purchasing items online Im a little skeptical about the service I'll receive from sites in which I don't normally shop at or which are not within driving distance from my house. I place my order on January 1, 2007 and selected the 3 Day Air Shipping. Now I know that means that it takes 3 days to get here from when it is shipped. Some stores seem to sit on orders for days and at that point what the use of paying the extra money. I received my order today which meant it was shipped the first business day this year. Thank you very much for the quick, prompt, and honest service. Since you are across the county from me I will not be visiting your store anytime soon but you are a definite keeper for any of my painting needs.

Best Regards,

Chris xxxxxxx

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Jason from Temple City, CA
Gleempaint had parts online that i could not find anywhere else. The shipping was super-fast. All the parts i ordered were perfect. I have sent emails to them with questions about my airless sprayer and they respond immediately with excellent information that has really made things easier for me! Gleemapint is one of the best merhants i have used on Yahoo! Thanks again!!

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Gail from Ocala, FL
I purchased the Wagner 990 Pro Power Roller. It was exactly as described. The item arrived in 2 days. The prices were so much better than what I could find shopping locally. This website was very easy to navigate and was very well designed. I will shop here again.

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:

I have a several observations and questions associated with the above referenced order:

First, I wanted to express my complete satisfaction with the e-business transaction I just conducted with your organization. Your web site was attractive, informative, friendly, and easy to navigate through. Order entry was simple, and I liked the confirming emails and imbedded links to status shipping, your web site, etc. Iíve bought hundreds of items on the Internet, and this was, by far, the best overall experience Iíve had. Too bad youíre only in the paint supply business.

Second, Iíve used the equipment already and Iím very pleased. It worked very well and I expect many years of reliable use from itÖ.

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:

I wanted to drop a line and let you know that the wagner sprayer I ordered from you visually exceeded my expectations. It is my first sprayer of this type I look forward in spraying with this machine in the next two weeks. Thank you very much. . . when you say A-1 reconditioned you really mean it. Thanks again Robert XXXXXXX XXXXX Painting

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:
Gleem Folks,

You guys are good - order arrived in record time - I guess I have no excuse not to work...

Thank you.


---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Brian from Memphis, TN
THEY ARE THE BEST ... Internet + Human interaction/transaction I have had in a while. I buy lots of things over the net, and have, of course, experienced varying levels of satisfaction at the end of the deal. I dont remember leaving very many glowing reviews, b/c with most things I dont need special treatment anyway. I know what I want, I order it, they send it. Simple. That said, is one of the best EVER! This is a brick and mortar store in southern Mississippi, which has gone eBiz. They have years of hometown experience, a knowledgeable staff, and a respectable amount of information on their website (which includes tutorials and basic information to the non-commercial buyer - to be read, newbie). I am a novice, and know just enough to be dangerous with regards to power painters, but their staff (specifically Michael) was very helpful. All I had to do was explain what I wanted to paint, how much of it there was to paint, my plans for long term use of the product, and add some rumbl! ings about price being important, but not the primary factor for purchasing a high-homeowner (slash) low-contractor grade piece, and they took considerable time to explain the ups and downs of the different options they offered. I failed to ask a question they couldnt answer, and I asked loads of em. I did several hours of research before calling, because anything over $100, I consider worth looking into. I bought the Wagner 9140, which is stronger, more durable, and more reliable than the PaintPro I was initially set on buying, and it cleans up in 15 minutes, ILO ~45 minutes. The gun is better, the spray tips and filters I got were reasonably priced (cheaper than the other 5 places I looked), so I can use this piece for two more painting projects I originally planned to sweat through by hand. Yes, it cost more than the one I originally planned to buy. According to the reviews I read though, I wouldve spend twice the $$ in the end by wearing out the smaller model 3 or 4 tim! es before completing my first project. I like it when people take the time to listen, apply their knowledge and experience, and in the end, save me time and aggravation. I have a humongous house mostly painted, and I havent done anything but point and shoot paint, then point and shoot warm water to clean. No disassembly like with the other one (besides the spray tip, which takes 90 seconds). Sorry so verbose, but good customer service deserves high (if not succinct) praise. Buy your painting supplies and equipment from these people. They saved me more than time is much more precious, and I absolutely saved quite a bit of both. Thanks,! Youz guyz are allllright.
Brian - Memphis, TN

----------------------------------------------------Email from customer:

I recently ordered a Wagner Paint Crew and spray tip extension from you and it arrived 4 days after I submitted the order. So, thanks to you I spent Saturday painting instead of sitting on my butt watching football and depleting my supply of pretzels and barley pop(beer). Iíll get even with you for this!!!!

Seriously, thank you for your promptness in both order processing and replying to my e-mail questions.


Chuck xxxxxxx

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:

Hello GleemPaint!

I just wanted to say thank you for the great deal and great service. The painter arrived as promised and in perfect condition. Thanks so much for installing the's those little things that the deal "feel so good." I also wanted to commend you on such a great and helpful web site. I couldn't find anything explaining tip sizes, or sprayer size-to-tip would think the manufacturers would have something, but there I go again, making sense. Also, a big thank you for the extra filters you knew I would need for the small tip (what service!)...

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:

Thanks so much for all your efforts and successfully getting my order to me in less than 24 hours!! I know it wasn't easy as I used the wrong credit card billing address, for which I apologize. When I got it corrected, several hours later, I was not expecting next day delivery. What a pleasant

surprise it was to see the fed ex man here before 8am with my order!! I added you to my favorites online in alpha order, I might add!! Sheila xxxxxx of Tulsa, OK

---------------------------------------------------Email From Customer:


Thank you for prompt shipment of parts. I got everything that I ordered and it got here sooner than I had expected.

S. Silvers

---------------------------------------------------Email From Customer:

To Whom It May Concern: Today I received two packages, one from an undisclosed website and one from The first package didnít even resemble the picture of what I had ordered (furniture), and the customer service department was closed for the weekend (figures). To make a long story short, I opened your package and not only was everything there but the swivel I ordered was installed. Thanks for saving my weekend. Sincerely, Mark xxxxxx

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Tom from Tucson, AZ
Yesterday, I received order xxxxx which included a Wagner 9190R unit and accessories. Everything arrived in good shape. I am delighted with your service level. Your Web Site is excellent and easy to use. Your on line order process is easy. So far it has been a very good experience. I hope to use the new reconditioned sprayer in the weeks to come. Being a factory reconditioned unit and for type of use the unit will see (residential homeowner use), I expect that my high satisfaction level will continue.


---------------------------------------------------Email from customer

I was going to send you a note saying how extremely helpful Nathan has been via an email conversation I had with him recently. He added a ton of extra, useful information about your products, other products, paint, etc. to help me make my purchasing decision. I just purchased a Wagner 770 from Costco, but after dealing with Nathan - I wish I bought it directly from you to give him some credit for the sale.

I started by saying "I was going to send you a note"... but that's when I went to find a more general email address to use and I found the note about you being a family business. Well, family or not - Nathan desires a raise, a bonus, some time off, some new fishing equipment, and a faster computer (he responded very promptly - but we'd all love a faster computer!).

I haven't used this sprayer yet -- but I'm much more confident that it'll do what I need it to do after my conversation with Nathan. I also feel like I've got a friend in the paint business I can go to if I need help with the sprayer or my paint job!

Thanks for the great service! Dave

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:
Just wanted to let you folks know I received my order today (pattern magic kit with extra rollers). I must say, you folks are speedy!!!...I got my order in record time, and it was packaged well, and I got it at an excellent price. I had also spoken to one of your employees on the phone last week, and she was very nice. This whole process has been very easy, and I look forward to doing business with you again. Keep up the good work, and send some of that Mississippi warmth north to Indiana!
Janice xxxxxxx
Decatur, Indiana

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Rayford from Homestead, FL
I bought a Reconditioned Wagner upgraded 9150r from Gleem. I had no problems with the service or this sprayer. It was promised to arrive before Christmas and it did, with no missing items or damage to the unit or box. A Wagner Reconditioned users manual was included. Painting is painting and if you want to put some paint on the wall this is just as good as a new one. I would recommend this merchant for any product they carry to be what they said it would be.

---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Ray C. from Crockett, TX
I bought a refurbished Wagner airless sprayer. When it was delivered it looked new, it worked like new and it was priced like old and worn out at a garage sale. Great experience and product. I've already ordered some accessories.

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:
I wanted to thank you all for selling the reconditioned (and upgraded) Wagner 9150 airless sprayer at such a GREAT price! I tried it out for the first time today and I was VERY impressed. My prior sprayer was a older model Wagner Power Pro and for comparison with the 9150, it was like a .22 rifle compared to a 12 gauge shotgun! This unit will flat lay down some paint FAST. I will gladly shop at your website for any future needs because I'm one VERY satisfied customer. Thanks again,

M. Hillman Orlando, FL

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:t
I just received my sprayer. Everything looks great. Thanks for the good deal and fast shipment. Jim xxxxxxx

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:
I recently bought Wagner WallMagic products from I was VERY satisfied with their overall service. The site was easy to navigate, plenty of product information and the items were in stock.

Ordering was a breeze, the store sent me a confirmation and tracking email with estimated shipping date and the price charged to my credit card.

The items were carefully packed for shipping - a BIG plus. My paint products arrived earlier than anticipated and in good condition.

I highly recommend this company. This is what online ordering should be like. I will definitely do business with them again.

---------------------------------------------------Email from customer:
Hi my name is Josh xxxxx. I'm a professional painter, and I've purchased a wagner airless sprayer 7/8 horsepower from you before. just recently I purchased the wagner 2900 hvlp sprayer. Both are working beautiful and I just wanted to say thank you for selling products exactly as advertised on your web site. I cannot express enough how nice it was to order both sprayers and have them delivered to my back door the next day. I compared prices everywhere and with shipping included you were still the cheapest. (and without delivering a cheap product)
Thank you Josh xxxx
xxxxx Painting

--------------------------------------------------- From: Daniel of Bethel, AK
Great sprayer at a great price. Shipping was quick and not too expensive to AK THX!

---------------------------------------------------From: Scott of Tucson, AZ
Wonderful operation. Found them by chance in a google search, but will happily buy again and recommend to all.

Deal with confidence. Friendly, helpful & knowledgeable staff and flawless at customer service and follow-up with excellent prices & products. I only wish they were local.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Swan of Altamonte Springs FL
Good price, items arrived on time in perfect shape. I would purchase from this merchant again any time.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Ken of New Port Richey FL
Great company,very good customer service.I would buy from them again anytime !!!!

--------------------------------------------------- From: Gidget of NEW PARIS IN
Each time that I called to place my order I spoke with a different person. I was happy to see that each person was just as friendly and courteous as the first one.! My order was received in a timely manner and with the e-mail confirmation, there were no questions as to arrival date.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Joe of Rotonda West FL
Quick , knowledgeable . no problems , pros all the way

--------------------------------------------------- From: Howard of Lake Cincinnati OH
Very easy transaction, good pricing, a pleasure to do biz with

--------------------------------------------------- From: Sun K. of Lake Naperville IL
I ordered some replacement Wagner power roller tubes and some roller covers. They arrived as promised. It was a good shopping experience and I will do business with them again.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Travis of Lake Daniels WV
I was very impressed with the salesman that I talked with and his knowledge of the product that I ordered. And most important, he spoke ENGLISH.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Stephen of TOWSON MD
Received purchase fast and got what was expected. Would buy again from this merchant.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Oberry of Cashiers NC

--------------------------------------------------- From: Victor of Waldorf MD
I have been ordering from Gleem for quite some time and have never had any problems. Deliveries are always on time or better and the product is always in excellent condition. Gleem is truly a leader among online merchants.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Brian from Overseas
First Rate Company, Will do business again

--------------------------------------------------- From: Leon of Hot Springs AR
Everything was perfect! Seamless transaction, and the merchandise arrived quickly.

--------------------------------------------------- From: John of Wallingford CT
Very pleased with the selection and purchase experience using this vendor. Gleem would be my first choice vendor for a similar purchase.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Jamie of Sacramento CA
Great service , will keep using in the future, for all my painting needs.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Robert of Fort Myers FL
Very easy transaction. Fast delivery. No problems at all.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Johnnie of Stockton CA
On the gleempaint end I could not ask for better. their prices are very competitive.

with that noted id like to say to gleempaint,good job folks, you all are really on the ball at responding to your internet customers. I do plan on making you one of my prime suppliers for internet purchases.

god speed and may we all have a prosperous new year. signed: johnnie-5

--------------------------------------------------- From: Lori of ROCKVILLE MD
Excellent service! I ordered at 3:30pm (EST) on the 18th and it was delivered at 1pm on the 19th.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Cost of St. Exton PA
Knowledgeable staff was able to provide me with a part that I did not have a part number for. They also made a suggestion that will allow me to solve a problem using thing I already own without making an additional purchase. They could easily have sold me stuff I didnt need but chose not to.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Louis of Olive Branch MS
I was very happy with the product and the service...I will use them for all my painting needs.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Lee of Citrus Springs FL
Very helpful customer service! Would definitely use this site and company again.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Mike of Gilbert AZ
Excellent service and prices - I will order from them again!

--------------------------------------------------- From: Silas of Sunnyside WA
Great Selection, fair pricing, and quick shipping.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Carlos of Streamwood IL
Best price for what I was looking for. Accurate pricing, and also had other things that I was looking for at good prices. Shipping was very fast and I got everything I ordered and everything was in great condition.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Kenneth of Eden NY
Very good to deal with. Answered all my questions, very professional. I wish all my purchases would be this easy.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Jason of Emple City CA
Gleempaint had parts online that i could not find anywhere else. The shipping was super-fast. All the parts i ordered were perfect. I have sent emails to them with questions about my airless sprayer and they respond imediately with excellent information that has really made things easier for me! Gleemapint is one of the best merhants i have used on Yahoo! Thanks again!

--------------------------------------------------- From: David of Larned KS
Fast delivery and well set up web site. Next time I need painting supplies I wont waste my time looking around I will go directly to Gleem.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Lee of Gainesville TX
Excellent service, great advice, and good folks to deal with. Even provided excellent tracking information for our shipment. Will definitely be a return customer.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Dorren of Clermont FL
I am most impressed on their customer service. They emailed me quickly with questions and were very helpful.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Willaim of Modesto CA
The online shopping was easy. The price was better than the local discount home centers. The shipping was quick. What more could you ask?

--------------------------------------------------- From: Stan of Coalinga CA
I am more than satisfied with my recent purchases. I will be doing business with them again in the future.

--------------------------------------------------- From: Kyle of Midlothian TX
I had emailed Gleem Paint before I made my purchase, and the person replied very quickly. They made an excellent suggestion for the correct sprayer for me to purchase that should fit my needs the best - including which tips I should buy. Definitely saved me from buying something I couldnt have used. I shopped around on the internet looking for price comparisons, and Gleem was well below anyone else. Thanks for the help!

--------------------------------------------------- From: Adonis of Rayville MO
I have ordered twice and both times my order arrived one day earlier than indicated by tracking. Kudos! The web site is easy to navigate and provides the necessary information for making an informed purchase. Ill look no further than for my sprayer purchases.

--------------------------------------------------- From: James of Fredericksburg VA
Very pleased with this purchase and with the merchant. They were extremely helpful and made recommendations that simplified my job.

Jim xxxxxxx

Customer Feedback - Ratings

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