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Credit Card Polices

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Credit Card Billing Address :

Note : In order to protect our customers from credit card fraud, your billing address must match that of the credit card used for payment. The “Billing Address” is considered the address in which they mail your credit card statement to. If you are unsure what this address is, please check your credit card statement.

Please understand that this is an internet credit card processing regulation to help ensure that the person making charges to a credit card is the actual cardholder.

If we have any problems processing your card, we will contact you via email.

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Alternate Shipping Address Regulations :
(“Ship To” address differs from your “Billing Address”)

Due to credit card fraud we will only ship to the credit card’s Billing Addresses, or an authorized Alternate Shipping Address.

If you specify a shipping address which differs from the credit card's actual billing address, (for example your work address) you'll need to contact your credit card company to add the “Alternate Shipping Address” to the account. This is not changing the billing address, only adding another authorized shipping address to the account.

If this alternate shipping address is NOT on file :
Adding this address is an easy task. Simple call your credit card company using the 1-800 number from the back of your card and ask the bank to add this shipping address as an approved “alternate shipping address”. Once you have done this, please place your order and include a brief note in the Comments area to let us know that you've done so and please include the bank’s 1-800 phone number off the back off the credit card. We will contact your bank using the bank number you have provided to verify this information after the order has been placed.

If this alternate address is already on file:
Then please enter the 1-800 number from the back of your credit card when placing the order in the slot provided in our check out pages. We will contact your bank using the bank number you have provided to verify this information after the order has been placed.

Failure to follow this policy will most likely significantly delay your order.

If we have any problems processing your card, we will contact you via email.

We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not pass our internal fraud scoring methods.

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Credit Card Frequently asked questions :

Q. How do I place an alternate shipping address on file with my credit card company?
A. 1) Call your credit card issuer at their customer service department. (Their phone number should be located on the back of your credit card or on your monthly statement.)

2) Ask them to add the shipping address to the credit card file as an "authorized alternate shipping address to your account". This information will remain on file with the credit card issuer for future orders.

Q. Why does request alternate address be put on file?

A. These regulations are established by the credit card companies for any "card not present" mail, phone and internet orders in the interest of fraud prevention. It is actually NOT our policy; it is the policy of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We must comply with their requirements and we take a very active role to prevent online fraud.

Not all online merchants follow these regulations, but as a 100% secure shopping site, we comply with all Internet "card not present" anti-fraud procedures. We sometimes hear that "other companies do not require this", however you must realize those other companies are not following security regulations that are required by all credit card issuers. When you shop at you can trust your personal information is being treated with the utmost security and respect; and be assured the we will diligently protect all credit card accounts rather than disregarding fraud prevention procedures.

Q. What if my credit card company does not have the ability to place alternate address on file?

A. This very rarely happens, but over the years we have run into a couple of “debit cards” that had this problem. If this happens to be the case and your card company is not able to add the alternate address to your file then we would only be able to ship to the billing address. Other options would be to use another credit card ( We find Discover and AMEX are good choices) or mail in a money order for payment. (Note: Money orders take up to 7 days to process.)

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Credit Card Polices

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