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Tips for Handheld Sprayers

This round tip produces a round pattern. Use a round tip if the surface you are spraying is too small for use with the wide angle tip. The round tip comes in three sizes. Use the size that works best for the type of material you are spraying. (The color of the ceramic tip center is colored to help you figure out which tip is which if you have own multiple tip sizes.)

Blue “Light materials” ROUND TIP

  • Blue (light materials) - .023 inch (0.6mm) opening.
  • Stains, sealers, lacquers, and waterproofers.
Pink “Medium materials” ROUND TIP

  • Pink (medium materials) - .031 inch (0.8mm) opening.
  • All purpose size: Thinned latexes, oil-base, polyurethane, and varnish.
Green “Heavy materials” ROUND TIP
  • Green (heavy materials) - .039 inch (1.0 mm) opening.
  • This size works best for hard to spray, coarse materials.

Wide Shot, WIDE ANGLE Spray Tip

  • Long lasting ceramic spray tip
  • Recommended for use with light to heavy materials were a wide spray pattern for faster application is desired.

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