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ASM Spray Gun # 400 Two Finger w/517 tip - click to enlarge

ASM Spray Gun # 400 Two Finger w/517 tip

asm4002fingerRegular Price: $147.99SPECIAL: $79.00

This airless gun is SOLD OUT.
Please see our line of Airless Spray Guns In Stock.

ASM# 451-G
Includes a 517 Reversible Zip Tip
Brand New w/One year ASM warranty.

  • Smooth Gun Swivel
    This is a Very handy feature!
  • 2 Finger Model
  • Ergonomically Designed for User Comfort
  • Light Weight and Compact
  • Safe Internal Trigger Lock
  • Stainless Steel G (7/8") Tread Diffuser
  • Split Handle for Easy Filter Removal
  • Teflon Seals for Longer Life
  • Inline Filter in Gun Handle
  • 3600 psi Rating
  • One year Limited Warranty
  • Hand Tight Zip-Tip Base
  • Natural Aluminum Finish
  • This deal comes with a 517 reversible zip tip
  • Normal selling price $147.99!!!
Other sites selling this ASM 400 gun+tip for $139 - $147 You are buying this item for Below dealer cost!!!!

Gleem's Info: We got a special purchase on these ASM 400 guns, and have a limited quantity at this special price. These guns are normally sold to painters for commercial use, but at this price would be a great consumer gun. This 400 model gun is usually compared to the SprayTech G10 gun. (We feel the ASM400 is in between the SprayTech GX-08 and the G10. Meaning= 400 is better than a GX-08, but not as good as a G10)

What makes the ASM 400 gun better than the 300?
Basically they are the same gun execpt for the following:
  • Metal trigger vs plastic trigger
  • Metal trigger guard vs plastic trigger guard
  • Stainless steel diffuser vs plated steel diffuser

  • This would be a excellent upgrade gun for someone needing to replace a Wagner G-06, GX-06, G-07, GX-07, GX-08 gun. (this 400 gun is not as good as a Wagner GX-10 or G-10 gun, but it is tempting at this price)
    Last note: This is a 2 finger model.
    Q. Which is better 2 finger or 4 finger?
    A. Depends on who you ask. We recommend you get the one you are use to spraying with, since it is more personal preference than anything else.

    ASM 400 Spray Gun Two Finger

    Customer Feedback on this item:Reviwer: Jerry from Yucca Valley, CA
    Rating: Excellent
    Excellent Price on ASM 400 paint gun. I bought the same product 10 years prior and paind $75.00 more. They also carry parts for pumps and guns will order again from them.

    ASM Spray Gun # 400 Two Finger w/517 tip

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