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ASM Spray Gun # 400 Four Finger w/517 tip - click to enlarge

ASM Spray Gun # 400 Four Finger w/517 tip

HD451-GRegular Price: $147.99SPECIAL: $68.95, 2 for $65.00 each, 5 or more for $59.00 each

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ASM# 451-G
Includes a 517 Reversible Zip Tip
Brand New w/One year ASM warranty.

  • Smooth Gun Swivel
    This is a Very handy feature!
  • 4 Finger Model
  • Ergonomically Designed for User Comfort
  • Light Weight and Compact
  • Safe Internal Trigger Lock
  • Stainless Steel G (7/8") Tread Diffuser
  • Split Handle for Easy Filter Removal
  • Teflon Seals for Longer Life
  • Inline Filter in Gun Handle
  • 3600 psi Rating
  • One year Limited Warranty
  • Hand Tight Zip-Tip Base
  • Natural Aluminum Finish
  • This deal comes with a 517 reversible zip tip
  • Normal selling price $147.99!!!
Other sites selling this ASM 400 gun+tip for $139 - $147 You are buying this item for Below dealer cost!!!!

Gleem's Info: We got a special purchase on these ASM 400 guns, and have a limited quantity at this special price. These guns are normally sold to painters for commercial use, but at this price would be a great consumer gun. This 400 model gun is usually compared to the SprayTech G10 gun. (We feel the ASM400 is in between the SprayTech GX-08 and the G10. Meaning= 400 is better than a GX-08, but not as good as a G10)

What makes the ASM 400 gun better than the 300?
Basically they are the same gun execpt for the following:
  • Metal trigger vs plastic trigger
  • Metal trigger guard vs plastic trigger guard
  • Stainless steel diffuser vs plated steel differser

  • This would be a excellent upgrade gun for someone needing to replace a Wagner G-06, GX-06, G-07, GX-07, GX-08 gun. (this 400 gun is not as good as a Wagner GX-10 or G-10 gun, but it is tempting at this price)

    ASM 400 Spray Gun

    Customer Feedback on this item:Reviwer: Jerry from Yucca Valley, CA
    Rating: Excellent
    Excellent Price on ASM 400 paint gun. I bought the same product 10 years prior and paind $75.00 more. They also carry parts for pumps and guns will order again from them.

    ASM Spray Gun # 400 Four Finger w/517 tip

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