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ASM# 200 4-finger Spray Gun (with 515 Tip) - click to enlarge

ASM# 200 4-finger Spray Gun (with 515 Tip)

251-URegular Price: $99.95SPECIAL: $57.95

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ASM# 251-U Airless Spray Gun with Tip
Brand New with Lifetime ASM warranty on gun body and handle.
(Gleem Paint is an authorized ASM service center)

  • Lightweight gun with form-fitted handle comfortably fits in the palm of your hand for easy maneuverability and less fatigue
    • Comfortable 4-finger trigger (Preferred by most users)
    • Lightweight trigger pull (Less fatigue than competitive guns)
  • Easy–Access in-handle paint filter
    • Quick Clean up
    • No extra fittings to remove when hose is removed
  • Lifetime warranty on the body and handle, one year limited warranty against manufactures defects.
  • Comes with a 515 Reversible Uni-Tip spray tip and hand-tight tip guard
  • Gun includes a 60 mesh gun filter
  • Plated Steel G (7/8") Tread Diffuser
  • 3600 psi Rating
  • Hand Tight Universal-Tip Base
    The universal tip base will accept all current major brands* of reversible tips on the market, including: Wagner, SprayTech XL&RC, Graco Rac IV & V (*will not accept Rac X), Titan, and of course ASM Uni-tips.
Gleem's Info:As the details note, this 200 model gun does indeed have a very light easy to pull trigger on it. We would rate at one of the lightest pull we have tested, (about the same as a Paint Crew or GX06/07 gun has) a light trigger means less fatigue for the users fingers on those longer spray jobs. The gun body has a nice feel in the hand, seems well balanced, and the little lip at near the back keeps the gun from sliding out of wet hands. The 200 would make an excellent consumer gun and at our Gleem Special price, puts this gun extremely competitively priced. Now some might worry about that plastic gun body, well ASM wiped those fears out with a Lifetime warranty on the gun body and handle! (Actually the gun body and guard feels surprisingly sturdy)

How does this gun compare to Wagner's guns?
We would rate it the same as the GX06. The advantage we see to the 200 gun is what you get for the money (200 comes with a tip). This would be a excellent replacement gun for someone needing to replace a Wagner Paint Crew, G-06, GX-06, or G-07, GX-07 gun. ( If you had a GX-08 or above, and are wanting a replacement we would recommend you look at the ASM 400-300, SprayTech G10, G12, or another GX08 back in our airless spray gun main section.

F.A.Q. on this gun:
Q: Will this gun work with a Wagner Paint Crew or Twin Stroke Pump?
A: Yes, this ASM 200 (and any other airless spray gun we sell) will work with any of those units.

Q: This gun looks just like a Graco SG-1 that comes with the smaller Magnum pumps, is this ASM 200 the same gun?
A: Yes, the ASM200 and Graco SG-1 are the same guns; Graco owns ASM and they share many items.

This is not a rebuild-able gun; there are no working parts needed or available.

This 300 spray gun comes with a 515 reversible tip. If you want to purchase additional tips with this gun you could order either of the following :
SprayTech XL-1 & RC tips, ASP Tips, or of course ASM Uni-Tips.

This gun includes a 60mesh filter in the gun handle, additional filters are located at this link: ASM 200 Gun filters
Note: This gun is unusual from all other airless guns sold on our website, this particular gun will only accept the gun filters noted above. It will not accept standard Wagner/SprayTech gun filters.

ASM# 200 4-finger Spray Gun (with 515 Tip)

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