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Amspray 2500 1.1 HP .025 Max tip .65 GPM (NEW) - click to enlarge

Amspray 2500 1.1 HP .025 Max tip .65 GPM (NEW)

0502013Regular Price: $1,299.00SPECIAL: $950.00

Note: SOLD OUT of this model.
Please use the following link to see all our current stock of Airless Paint Sprayers.

High performance Airless piston paint sprayer

Manufactured by Wagner-SprayTech corporation.
Brand NEW
With full One year factory Warranty
(Parts and Labor warranty, Available at any Wagner service center, over 500 in the US)

  • Horsepower 1.1
  • GPM .65
  • G10 Airless Sray Gun
  • PSI 0 -3,000
  • DC motor runs off 15-amp household current Draws 8.5 amps
  • Reversible Tip included 519
  • Max. tip size .025"
  • GX10 2-finger Contractor Metal Spray Gun (7/8")
    With built in Swivel!
  • Filter in Gun handle
  • Hose 50 foot
  • Full-size fluid filter offers greater filtration, longer tip life, less plugging, and lower maintenance than smaller-sized competitive filters
  • Heavy duty cart on Full sized wheels
  • Heavy duty piston with self adjusting packings
  • 5-gallon Pail bracket
  • Upgraded/Metal Suction Set & intake filter
    (2500's do not normally come with this feature, this is included in this special package for Gleem)
  • These units normally go for $1,299.00 - $1,499.00
    and that is at a Discount! Not a inflated retail price.
  • Built to handle up to 100 gallons weekly volume
  • Includes full owners manual

Wagner’s Description : High performance airless piston pump for big jobs. Easily sprays latex and oil-based paints, stains, and sealers. Powerful DC motor coupled with Wagner's Twin Stroke Piston provides the performance required for a wide variety of applications.
The 2500 features a rugged cart with super-size tires for big-job mobility – and removable handle for convenient transport and storage.

Gleem’s input:
This seriously is a Heavy duty Commercial pump; built to last. The pump is actually a cousin from Wagner’s commercial division SprayTech. The 2500 is very similar to the SprayTech EP2205 (sells for $1,299 at a discount rate) The main difference between the quality of the EP2205 vs. the 2500 is the suction set.(2500's normally come with plastic intakes) Gleem fixed the intake difference, we take the cheap plastic one off, and installed the nice metal intake. ($53.00 part)(This pump is to nice to sell with a plastic intake)

Also check out that full sized inline pump filter. That is a feature only found on the big commercial pumps; promotes longer tip life, less plugging, and lower maintenance. Filter Section View The side filter assembly uses the same filter as a EP2205 & 2300. (Not a filter that wears out often, but we will post them up on the web soon for later purchases. You normally can get 1000 gallons on the same filter.)

We have sold and serviced many EP2105's, EP2205's over the years, and have have very good service live on them. You can expect these 2500’s units to be as trouble free. The 2500 uses the same packings, rod, and “Scotch yoke” as the EP2205.Scotch Yoke What’s a “Scotch yoke” you ask? Well the Scotch yoke design holds the piston perfectly centered thru the packings, eliminating any side loading, extending the life of both the piston and packings.

So how can we sell these New pumps so cheap? Well we got a deal on them due to Wagner is no longer using the Ampsray name anymore on their big pumps. Think of them as a last year’s model type thing. (Not to worry on parts, again this pump shares many parts with the Ep2205 and others. We even have a parts section for these pumps on our website.)
The Amspray 2500 is also the exact same pump as a Wagner 9250, 965, 2520. With the exception being that some come with plastic suction sets, and some come with a GX08 guns vs. GX10.

This would be an excelling rig for a full time/ part time painter, apartment complex, rental place and anyone in need of a good dependable everyday spray pump. (This is not a residential pump by no means, but if you got a lot of spraying to do; the price range is not out of reach due to this special price.)

Shipping :2500 Airless Paint Sprayer This pump is a Heavy unit, 70 lbs so is not a cheap item to ship. So you can expect around $35-$50. Which is nothing compared to the $350-$450 you are saving on this pump. (not to mention the Sales Tax savings) To find out exact shipping cost simply use our shopping cart.

Amspray 2500 1.1 HP .025 Max tip .65 GPM (NEW)

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