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Amspray 2100 Airless Paint Sprayer (New!)

Amspray 2100 Airless Paint Sprayer (New!)

wag-2100Regular Price: $759.00SPECIAL: $499.00
Suction Set Option:: 

Note: SOLD OUT of this model.
Use the following link to see our current stock of Airless Paint Sprayers.

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Twinstroke Twin Stroke Piston Pump, pumps material on both the up and down stroke for a powerful and smooth operation.
Brand NEW!
With One year parts&labor Wagner/SprayTech Warranty. Available at over 500 service centers

  • 7/8 HP DC motor [runs off 15 amp household current
  • GX-10 Airless Spray Gun
  • Smooth Piston Pump, pumps on both strokes.
  • GX-10 Top of the Line Contractor grade metal spray Gun
    With built in live swivel!; and inline gun filter. This one fine spray gun! And is the industry standard 7/8" threads.
  • Cart model with Super Sized Tires and removable handle for storage and transport
  • Draws paint from a one and five-gallon containers
  • Upright cart with five-gallon pail bracket
  • 50' of hose (Max hose length 150')
  • .45 GPM
  • .021 MAX tip
    Comes with a 517 reversible tip
  • Metal intake & filter assembly
    Many other models in this series use a plastic one.
  • 3000 PSI
  • Long-life industrial grade tungsten carbide valves and seals
From the Manufacturer
High performance airless spray system for residential and light commercial applications. Powerful DC motor coupled with Wagner's Double Stroke Piston provides the performance required for a wide variety of applications. The 2100 features a rugged cart with super-sized tires for big-job mobility with removable handle for convenient transport and storage. The cart also has a 5-gallon pail bracket for easy moving of sprayer and paint.

Man spraying with paint sprayer Gleem's comments: This pump is highly recommended by Gleem. Good design and good output. Comes with what we consider the best spray gun on the market: GX-10 gun. (Which does include swivel! ) The 2120 is among the pumps that we would recommend for part-time painters, or property managers.

Metal suction SetThis Amspray 2100 airless paint sprayer comes standard from the factory with a plastic suction set. We have noticed in the field that the plastic suction sets sometimes can get cross-threaded and strip out the threads were the suction set attaches to the intake if the user is not careful about re-attaching it to the pump properly. So since we know this pump maybe be used more often than the smaller rigs, we are offering a nice metal suction set (non-corrosive) as a $20.00 upgrade accessory. (Normally a $44.90 part) (Wagner 9190ís and 9210ís donít come with the metal intake either, Spraytech Apex 2120ís do. So remember that if you are comparing prices. Speaking of 9210, 2120Ö ok so you ask what the difference between a 9210, 2100 and a 2120?

Letís break it down the differences:
    9210 has the Wagner name on it.
    2100 has the Amspray name on it.
    2120 has the SprayTech Apex name on it.
    Winner: Neither,, MarketingÖ donít try to understand marketing.

    9210 has a plastic intake
    2100 has a plastic intake
    2120 has the metal intake
    Winner: 2120

    9210 7/8 hp motor - .021Ē max tip supported
    9210 7/8 hp motor- .021Ē max tip supported
    2120 7/8 hp - .021Ē max tip supported
    Winner: All 3 the same

    9210 Gx10 gun
    2100 Gx10 gun
    2120 Gx10 gun
    Winner: All 3 the same.

    9210 Retails for $760.00; Gleemís Discount price: $629.00
    2100 Retails for $760.00; Gleemís Discount price: $499.00
    2120 Retails for $795.00; Gleemís Disount pirce : $529.00(Sold out of 2120ís at our special price)
    Winner: 2100!!! Hands down winner!

Thatís basically it, rest is virtually the same. And due to the special overstock price we bought these 2100 units at, it makes the 2100 actually a better deal than a new 9190, 1920, 9210, 2120. So for the time being Gleem will only sell 2120ís and not even stock 9210ís or 9190ís for that matter since we are selling these 2120ís for the same price as we were selling 9190ís!!

These pumps are Brand NEW, Not recons, Not demo pumps. The main reason for the special price is the factory is not using the Amspray name/label any more for this series of Double Stroke Pumps so ran a special to move them out. What about getting parts you ask? No worries, this pump shares all working part with its cousins 9210, 2120. We even have a parts section for these airless rigs at this link: 9210/2100/2120 Parts

This special price is limited only to the oneís we have on hand and will not last forever. Our shopping cart inventory is in real time, and will alert you know if we are sold out when you try to add one to your shopping cart.

To find out the exact shipping cost on this item, use our shopping cart. It will calculate the shipping before you have to enter credit card info. To give you a estimate, it runs about $30.00 to ship this unit to California, and around $19.00 to ship to Lower States like Florida and Georgia.
Shipping weight is 53 pounds.
Retails for $795.00; Normally sells for $629 - $670.00
Special $499.00, or $519.00 with metal suction set


Amspray 2100 Airless Paint Sprayer (New!)

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