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Air Regulator, Mini-Pro - click to enlarge

Air Regulator, Mini-Pro


Miniature Pro Line Series
  • True Diaphragm regulator increases accuracy
  • Regulator is optimized for 0-50 psi range
  • Adjusting knob locks in place
  • 1/4" Input and Output Ports
  • 1/8" Gauge Ports
    Includes a 1/8" plug to block off the extra port, since normally you only use one port

Would replace Wagner-SprayTech part#:
  • 0276423 Regulator ($65.38 List)
  • At a considerable Savings!

Also note: not all regulators are made the same! This mini pro regulator has an excellent cfm flow rate, L-cheapo regulators (especially in the miniature size) can be very restrictive. Not a big deal if you are simply using the regulator for a pressure pot fluid pressure. But when used to regulate the air flow for say an HVLP conversion gun, it is very important.

This Mini-Pro Air Flow Rating is: -10 psi drop at 50psi and 9 scfm.

(The Wanger/SprayTech 0276423 is also a very good flowing mini-regulator, it rates the exact same)

Air Regulator, Mini-Pro

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