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Customer Feedback on this item:

------------------------------------------------- Reviewer: Richard of, MI Red Barn painted with 9140

I had purchased a Wagner 9140 airless sprayer from your business and I had to commend you on the quality.

On my Saturday off, over the past 2 months, I painted my parents barn with over 45 gallons of latex paint. The airless sprayer made this huge job fairly easy. Thanks for selling top quality products.


---------------------------------------------------Reviewer: Brian from Memphis, TN
Rating: Excellent

THEY ARE THE BEST ... Internet + Human interaction/transaction I have had in a while. I buy lots of things over the net, and have, of course, experienced varying levels of satisfaction at the end of the deal. I dont remember leaving very many glowing reviews, b/c with most things I dont need special treatment anyway. I know what I want, I order it, they send it. Simple. That said, is one of the best EVER! This is a brick and mortar store in southern Mississippi, which has gone eBiz. They have years of hometown experience, a knowledgeable staff, and a respectable amount of information on their website (which includes tutorials and basic information to the non-commercial buyer - to be read, newbie). I am a novice, and know just enough to be dangerous with regards to power painters, but their staff (specifically Michael) was very helpful. All I had to do was explain what I wanted to paint, how much of it there was to paint, my plans for long term use of the product, and add some rumbl! ings about price being important, but not the primary factor for purchasing a high-homeowner (slash) low-contractor grade piece, and they took considerable time to explain the ups and downs of the different options they offered. I failed to ask a question they couldnt answer, and I asked loads of em. I did several hours of research before calling, because anything over $100, I consider worth looking into. I bought the Wagner 9140, which is stronger, more durable, and more reliable than the PaintPro I was initially set on buying, and it cleans up in 15 minutes, ILO ~45 minutes. The gun is better, the spray tips and filters I got were reasonably priced (cheaper than the other 5 places I looked), so I can use this piece for two more painting projects I originally planned to sweat through by hand. Yes, it cost more than the one I originally planned to buy. According to the reviews I read though, I wouldve spend twice the $$ in the end by wearing out the smaller model 3 or 4 tim! es before completing my first project. I like it when people take the time to listen, apply their knowledge and experience, and in the end, save me time and aggravation. I have a humongous house mostly painted, and I havent done anything but point and shoot paint, then point and shoot warm water to clean. No disassembly like with the other one (besides the spray tip, which takes 90 seconds). Sorry so verbose, but good customer service deserves high (if not succinct) praise. Buy your painting supplies and equipment from these people. They saved me more than time is much more precious, and I absolutely saved quite a bit of both. Thanks,! Youz guyz are allllright.
Brian - Memphis, TN

Customer Feedback on this item:

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