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Wagner 833 1/2hp .017 Max Tip (NEW) Airless Paint Sprayer - click to enlarge

Wagner 833 1/2hp .017 Max Tip (NEW) Airless Paint Sprayer

833NewRegular Price: $315.00SPECIAL: $249.00

With One Year Wagner Parts and Labor Warranty
Available at over 500 service centers.

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Note; the factory is no longer making this model so we will not be getting more. If you are worried about parts, have no fear, this pump shares many parts with other models. You can find part for this unit at this page:Diaphragm Parts Section

    G07 Airless Sray Gun
  • .35 GPM
  • .017 Max tip (comes with 415)
  • 1/2 HP motor
  • 0-2600 psi
  • Diaphragm Model
  • All Metal G-07 gun
    Note:The picture to the right is the G-07 gun, but the main picture at the top of the page is of a 833 with a plastic G06 gun.
  • Gun filter in handle, to help keep tip from clogging
  • 25' of hose
    Can be extended to 100' of hose
  • Draws paint from a one gallon or five gallon can

---Wagner's Description---
Professional sprayer for business and home painting. Sprays latex, oil-based paints, stains, polyurethanes, lacquers and sealers. Includes G-06 G-07 all metal spray gun.
Gleemís input:
Remember the old 505 airless Wagner made for years? Well this is basically the newer version of the 505. Very similar setup. Even the same gun as what came on the 505. Main difference is the 833 has a bigger motor (1/3hp vs 1/2HP) and a little more output due to the larger motor. (.015 max tip on the 505, .017 max on the 833) So if you have an old 505,, and it is getting time to rebuild or replace it. This would be a good model to look at. At our special factory buy out price, it is not to much more than what it cost to rebuild an old 505. Plus you end up with a brand new unit.

For those of you who does not know (or care) what a 505 model is (or was). Basically this 833 airless sprayer is a unit we would recommend for homeowners. And maybe light contractor work. It is a good durable unit, but for contractors we tend to recommend the pistons. Why? Pistons are more forgiving if you do not wash out your equipment well. And depending on the contractor of course; but most contractors tend to be a bad about not cleaning up their equipment properly and leave either residue or paint trash in their units.

What happens if you donít wash out a diaphragm well? Parts get stuck with dried up paint. A few taps on the inlet valve normally fixes that, but again this is why we tend to recommend piston pumps or at least a large diaphragm pump for the contractors.

Does this mean you donít have to wash up a piston pump? No,, please always clean your equipment up well; we are just trying to say pistons are more forgiving, not that they are exempt.

What are the advantages to a diaphragm airless sprayer like this 833? Simple design, less moving parts; means fewer things able to go wrong with it. (as long as you wash it up good) And you tend to get more power for you money with a diaphragm since they are lower cost to manufacture due to the simpler design.

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(Unit weighs 39#)

Wagner 833 1/2hp .017 Max Tip (NEW) Airless Paint Sprayer

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