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507 Conversion Gun

Customer's review on the 507 HVLP Conversion Gun
I've been using the HVLP 507 spray gun for a week, and gone through 3 gallons of paint with it. I am using a 1hp compressor with a 12 gallon tank., With the pressure set to 40lbs at the gauge on the gun before the trigger is pressed. I have found the compressor easily keeps up with the gun at this setting.

The only other spray equipment I have used before is a Wagner 425 airless sprayer, which I found had too much overspray and a lot of cleaning effort after use. Having never used an HVLP gun before I was delighted to see no visible spray mist like I got with the airless sprayer. painting boat with hvlp gun I am very pleased with the results of the HVLP 507 gun. The one draw back in my case is the slow paint delivery. I am using a water-reducible epoxy paint. With it thinned the max recommended, I found it took an hour to empty the gun (600ml of paint). After this I removed the small sintered brass filter from the bottom of the cup, and pre-strained the paint through a Binks strainer. This more than doubled the delivery rate, but I still find it slow. This may be due to the characteristics of the paint I'm using. I'll be switching to a linear polyurethane next which may go quicker. I think the epoxy requires something bigger than the 1.4mm nozzle set that comes with the gun.
painting boat with hvlp gun I'm painting the topside of a 42 foot boat, with about 400 square feet of area or more. The other difficulty has to do with it being a gravity feed gun with the cup on top, which makes it nearly impossible to spray overhead. I have one small area requiring overhead spraying, that I managed by spraying at a very oblique angle.

Spray Gun pattern The spray pattern is adjustable from a circle of about 1 - 1.5 inches with the gun 8 - 10 inches from the work, to a fan pattern of about 1 by 6 inches. Overall I'm very pleased with the gun which seems to be precision built.

Dan J. ===============end 507 HVLP Conversion Gun

507 Conversion Gun

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