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Pressure Paint Pot 2.5 Gallon, Single Regulator - click to enlarge

Pressure Paint Pot 2.5 Gallon, Single Regulator


This spray pot is SOLD OUT.
Please see our line of Conventional Spray Pots In Stock.

2.5 gallon paint potFeatures:
  • Holds 2.5 Gallons
  • Teflon coated steel tank and lid
  • Non-ASME, 80 psi maximum pressure
  • Single regulator
  • Mounted on Wheels
  • On/Off air ball valve
  • Pickup tube has filter screen
  • Large lid clasp that will not fall off during lid removal
  • Large lid gasket that will not fall off during lid removal
  • Will work with a Wagner/SprayTech NB, NBC, 3100, or Maxum HVLP Gun
    Along with any other pressure or siphon feed HVLP and conventional air spray gun.

Gleem's input:
We have been looking for quality pressure pot at a excellent price for quite awhile, and have finally found it in this 501 pot. (The search actually went on for several years) Over the years we have sold and used many brands of pressure pots; and have learned what to look for in a pot.2.5 Gallon Pot Handle The most irritating part that many low quality pots have is improperly designed clasps that are used to tighten down the lids. Either the clasp are too small (making the clasps hard to tighten down). Or the clasps are not attached to the lower pot (Therefore the clasp falls off and gets lost when taking the lid off). 2.5 Gallon Pot Handle Notice in the picture to the right how our 501 pot handles this properly. The 501 clasps have large handles for tightening down the lid. Then notice the picture to the left and at the top of page with the lid off. See how the clasps hangs down - still attached to the pot even with the lid off. This is how a quality pot should be made. Another feature to look for is a large sized gasket seal for the lid. The 501 has that covered also. (The small gasket design is our major complaint with the 0275692 & 999-0004 series SprayTech pressure pots) What happens when the pot is made with too small of at lid gasket? The gasket always seems to pull off and stick to the lower part of the pot when you take the lid off. Then you get your hands all messy sticking the gasket back in place. Another feature we really like is the Teflon coating for the inside and lid of the pot. Once you use a Teflon coated pot, you will not want to use another. They clean up much easier than non Teflon coated ones. (This is the main reason we do not like Binks brand of pressure pot, as they do not offer this feature; which for $400-$500 you would think they would!) Other handy features the 501 pot has is the wheels and the full sized grab bar. The wheels are not only convenient for moving the pot around, but also helps to keep the pot from tipping over. (A pot with no wheels will tend to tip over when you pull on the hoses while spraying, opposed to the one with wheels will roll along with you)

We mainly sell this GP-501 pressure pot for use with the Wagner & SprayTech HVLP conversion guns. But it would also work with any other
pressure or siphon feed HVLP or conventional air spray gun. (Will NOT work well with Gravity Guns.)

Pressure Paint Pot 2.5 Gallon, Single Regulator

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