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FineCoat 2500 HVLP Finishing System (New) - click to enlarge

FineCoat 2500 HVLP Finishing System (New)


This sprayer is SOLD OUT.
Please see our full line of HVLP Paint Sprayers In Stock.

New ! With full one year warranty from Wagner.

Details :
  • NBC Professional Quality Metal Spray Gun
  • Non-Bleeder gun (does not constantly blow air)
  • 2-Stage Turbine
  • 5 PSI
  • 58 CFM (freeflow)
  • 25 ft Quality Rubber Flex air hose
  • Draws 11 Amps/ Runs of regular household 110/120 voltage
  • Retails for : $583.00
  • Sprays: stains, urethanes, lacquers, enamels, varnish, and thinned latex.

Gleem's comments:
This HVLP unitís main selling point is the nice metal NBC gun. The gun alone is almost worth the price we are asking for the whole unit. If you are comparing this 2500 to other current models, the closest you will find will be the Wagner FineCoat 2000 Plus (not the plain FineCoat 2000)

The 2000 Plus units run about $339.00 street price from our last web search: (Click here if you wish to confirm on search Google

As for older models: This 2500 HVLP is very similar to the old CS4010 and CS5000 units. It uses the same motor, filter, gun, and hose as the older CS5000. (same quality of hose, 5kís did come with 20í hoses)

The reason the price is so good, is these are a factory close out special and therefore, inventory is limited to only what we have on hand. Parts is of no concern, we have a complete parts section for the gun at the link: NBC gun parts.
Filters and hoses at this link: Turbine Parts (uses same filters as CS5000.) A side note on filters: You usually do not need to purchase extra filters for any turbine unless you spray very close to the unit for some reason, we are simply pointing out that we stock and sell them if needed.
Gun notes:
The gun is set up as non-bleeder; which is nice, since it does not kick up the dust that a bleeder setup does. And if for some reason you prefer a bleeder setup, the gun can easily be converted to bleeder with no extra parts needed. (To convert to bleeder take the ĺ" inlet off the bottom of the gun and install it on the top of the gun. This will by-pass the air valve and give you that constant air/bleeder setup.) Again, we only have a limited supply of these 2500HVLP units available. Our shopping cart inventory is in real time and will alert you if we are sold out when you add one to your shopping cart. SOLD OUT!

FineCoat 2500 HVLP Finishing System (New)

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