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12 inch Tip-Extension (non-swivel) - click to enlarge

12 inch Tip-Extension (non-swivel)


F.A.Q. :
  • Q. Which extension is better? This SprayTech 12" extension or the ASM 12" Extension.
  • A. Short Answer - The ASM 12" Extension.
    Long Answer -
    Don't let our sale price miss-lead you on which one is better. We now only offer the ASM brand due to incompatibility issues with the newer Wagner/SprayTech extensions with older Wagner/SprayTech airless guns. (This has not always been the case, but due to an extension design change in late 2007; the Wagner/SprayTech built extensions no longer work with many older Wagner airless guns.)

    We also find the ASM built Extension Poles are more enjoyable to use (To name a few reasons we like them better; The ASM Poles (when purchased with the option swivel) "swivels" much easier, the hand-tight nut allows attachment to gun without tools, and the poles can be coupled together without high priced adapters.).

  • Non Swiveling
  • 12" in length
  • G 7/8 threads

  • Fits all airless sprayer/guns we sell on our site. If you have an older airless gun with 11/16 threads simple buy an 11/16 to 7/8 adapter
  • Rated up to 3,600 PSI
  • Aircraft Aluminum Shaft with Stainless steel
  • Gun is NOT included, just in picture for reference; also note only one extension is being sold on this page, other two extensions faded out in picture are shown for length reference.
  • Comes with a SprayTech Reversible tip Base installed, as shown in picture
    This tip base will hold Wagner trade tips, SprayTech XL-RC tips, and Graco Rac tips.

  • All airless sprayers/guns shown on our website use the G 7/8" thread, unless otherwise noted.

    Details From SprayTech
    Spraying those hard-to-reach spots is easier with SprayTech Airless Extensions. They're lightweight, durable and easy-to-use.

    All SprayTech Tip Extensions Feature:

    A Unique Sealing System-
  • Seal is retained in the housing (no fumbling with a loose seal while attaching the extension to the gun).
  • Seal material allow extension to be either hand-tightened or wrench-tightened to the spray gun.
  • Maintains its integrity through repeated assembly and disassembly

12 inch Tip-Extension (non-swivel)

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