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#9- 0515221 Inlet valve seal kit (770)

#9- 0515221 Inlet valve seal kit (770)

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Frequently Asked Questions :
Q. Is the inlet valve included in this kit?
A. Yes, the "inlet valve" and "o-rings/seals" are included. The "inlet valve" is the silver and white item in the item's photo; "o-ring/seals" are the round black seals shown in the item's photo.

Q. How often does the inlet seal kit need to be replaced?
A. Approximately every 25-26 gallons. However this number will vary depending on how coarse the fillers (silica or such) are in the paint being sprayed. Example: Spraying clears, the seals will last much longer. Spraying flat wall paints (which has lots of junk fillers) will not last as long.

Q. How hard is it to replace?
A. Extremely easy, (takes about 1-2 minutes) instructions are located on page 10 (Under the "Cleaning the Inlet Valve" section) of the Paint Crews owner's manual.

Instructions are listed below; however before servicing, always release system pressure by following the "Pressure Relief Procedures" (on page 5 of owner's manual).

Inlet Valve How To
Cleaning or servicing the inlet valve may be required if the unit has priming problems. This may be caused by improper cleaning and/or storage.

Inlet Valve How To

#9- 0515221 Inlet valve seal kit (770)

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